Ready to use

Igieniko minimizes both technical and maintenance problems thanks to the wireless and power supply solution.

Minimal design

Easily recognizable, it is a design product with attention to detail that guarantees an aesthetic image at the height of your room.

Made in Italy

Completely made in Italy in all its components, Igieniko is synonymous with guarantee and safety, it does not require maintenance.

Igieniko characteristics

  • Self-supporting structure made of fireproof wood
  • Dispenser with practical pedal-operated system that allows an absolutely safe use of the kiosk
  • Spacious 5L compartment for refilling sanitizing gel
  • Glove shelf (optional)
  • Instruction panel for correct use of product
  • Possibility of customising the device (logos, colours, etc.)

You can decide how much gel to dispense without supply constraints

Freely choose the quantity of gel dispensed and you are not bound by any purchase contract for the gel supply.

Igieniko ensures you 5000 sprays on a single refill, with a duration 10 times longer than the common dispensers available on the market.


Completely no-touch thanks to the pedal control

Thanks to the pedal delivery system, you reduce the risk of contamination by 100%.

Igieniko is the best way to avoid hand contact and the risk of contamination. It is suitable for any environment; you can place it anywhere and requires no wires or battery.


The only dispenser with an autonomy of up to 5000 deliveries

The load compartment allows you to place up to 5 litres of sanitizing gel

The capacity of the gel compartment, compatible with any type of sanitizing gel , is capable of holding up to 5 Lt of hand sanitizer, with a volume 10 times greater than traditional dispensers on the market - equipped with a dispenser with a maximum capacity of 500 ml.

01. Order

Send your request and receive your device within 48 hours.

02. Discard

Remove it from the box and insert the instruction panel on.

03. Position

Place it wherever you want and move it as needed.


Light and ready to use, it does not require assembly and assistance

Igieniko does not require assembly and is positioned without the help of specific technicians-operators. It is light and ready to use.

Each dispenser is shipped already assembled. You just have to take it out of the box and insert the appropriate panel with instructions. The dispenser can be easily positioned wherever you want and moved as needed.

Igieniko VS competitor

Several years of experience designing kiosks allowed us to develop the best hand sanitiser dispensing kiosk in the market!

per year
5L container capacity
Up to 5000 spout autonomy
Electrical cables free and Battery-Free operation
Sanitising gel of WHO formulation 1 and EN 1500 standard
Free components’ warranty and free parts’ replacement
Robust and certified Fireproof wood (environmentally-friendly)
Beautiful design, Solid European build and quality
Pedal-operated prevents the spread of coronavirus & bacteria
Main competitor200
per year
Maximum 500ml to 1L capacity – very regular refills
500 to 1000 spouts average autonomy
Continuous batteries replacement and/or energy use
Lower % alcohol and non-European norm sanitizer
No maintenance unless at a cost
Uncertified componentry and low quality
Hand-touch high-risk contamination and disease transmission

Choose between rental with insurance or outright buy

Rental From £29,00+VAT/month129.99
(minimum 3 units, 12 months)billed yearly
Igieniko® peal-operated dispenser
Optional branding (logo)
Glove shelf (optional)
Front instruction Panel
Free 6-month wear & malfunction cover
72-hour replacement (UK mainland only)
No obligation to purchase gel*
Free delivery within 20 miles
£299,00+VAT Outright Buy59.99
billed yearly
Igieniko® pedal-operated dispenser
Optional branding (logo)
Glove shelf (optional)
Front instruction panel
Free 6-month wear & malfunction cover
72-hour replacement (UK mainland only)
No obligation to purchase gel*
Free delivery within 20 miles

Supply of competitively priced WHO formulation 1 & EN 1500 sanitising gel optional

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